Evan hall pursues coaching career with U of M hockey / by Tamara Burns

HopkinsBurns Design Studio regretfully announces the departure of Associate Architect, Evan Hall.  Evan has been with HopkinsBurns since he graduated with his Master of Architecture in 2010, and he leaves his mark on our firm in the many projects he worked on as well as our portfolio of annual Holiday Cards.  “Evan really gets that it’s all about the people at HopkinsBurns, from co-workers to clients,” Tamara points out. 

Evan and puppies.jpg

Hockey has always been a passion for Evan, and when the opportunity came to join the coaching staff of the University of Michigan Hockey Team he couldn’t pass it up!  Evan has played hockey since he was five, even marrying a hockey player.  While in graduate school and working at HopkinsBurns, Evan found time to coach a AAA youth hockey team, scout for a Jr. team and assist the U of M team and the U of M video coordinator.  His new responsibilities include video and statistical analysis, pre-scouting opponents, and live game breakdown, as well as assisting in the day-to-day operations of the team.  Evan has always been interested in teaching and says, “this position affords me the opportunity to work with young adults that are striving to be the best hockey players they can be.”

One might assume that Hockey and Architecture don’t have much in common, but in Evan’s case they both involve deploying advanced computer software.  At HopkinsBurns Evan was the go to guy for creating amazing architectural graphics and now he’s employing complex digital video systems to develop athletes.

Evan’s talents and cheerful, enthusiastic presence are greatly missed in our office, but the entire HopkinsBurns team wishes him the best in his new endeavor.   Tamara expressed it best, remarking that “we all miss Evan, but we are very proud of him and excited to see what this new chapter holds for him”, adding, “I hope he knows that if he ever wants to come back, the door is always open.”  The warm feelings are mutual, as Evan explains: “My time at HopkinsBurns was filled with great memories. It was a tremendous learning experience and I cannot thank Tamara and Gene enough for giving me an opportunity directly out of graduate school, and being so supportive of my decision to pursue this opportunity.”