troy historic village

Troy, MI
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The Troy Museum and Historic Village endeavors to provide a hands-on learning experience designed to provide lifelong learning opportunities for the surrounding neighborhoods focused on promoting the cultural heritage of the Troy community. The historic village consists of ten historic structures, moved to the site to save them from demolition, and placed around a village green to maximize the interpretation and educational possibilities. Seasonal programs as well as daily activities keep the site bustling with activity on any given day. The Museum preserves cultural heritage not only through physical structures, but also through a collection of artifacts and archival materials, serving over 11,000 elementary students annually.

HopkinsBurns, with JJR as urban planning/engineering/ landscape consultant, prepared a comprehensive master plan for the preservation and restoration of the site and its structures including relocation and restoration documents for three of the buildings and a comprehensive storm water management plan for the site.  Services consisted of a cultural resource assessment, a survey of 10 structures, detailed condition assessment of three of the historic structures as well as a ADA accessibility study for an addition to the Museum building.

Current work includes implementation of the master plan and the relocation of both the Barnard House and a historic barn from Wixom that will serve as a visitor interpretation center.